Holy Spirit Lakemba students at school assembly The Holy Spirit College Lakemba community recognised two significant dates in its calendar; 

  1. National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, a day where we are asked to stand together as one, and Take Action Together to help address bullying, and
  2. Harmony Day: a day of cultural respect for everyone, from the traditional owners of this land to those who have come from countries far and wide who now call Australia home.

It’s about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, united by a set of core Australian values. – Phil Scollard, Principal  

All the while recognising that Holy Spirit College is a community that stands together, respecting inclusiveness and diversity, and that it diversity is one of the differences that makes the college a great place to be. Students were challenged to think about what they feel represents the idea of diversity and how we as a community ensure that we are accepting of differences and doing our absolute best to make sure everyone feels like they belong.

To acknowledge our diversity and to spread the Harmony Day message (bringing a little happiness and joy to others), a group of senior students handed out orange gerberas in the community last Thursday as a simple reminder about what Harmony Day symbolises to us and that ‘Everyone Belongs’. Our college is a community of strong spirit, and If we can continue to grow this unique community of ours, calling out bullying and building a harmonious community we are building the kind of world we all want to live in.

The word gratitude stems from the Latin word gratus, it encompasses words such as grace and grateful. With gratitude, people acknowledge the good in their lives and the source of that goodness, it connects us to something larger than ourselves. Actively practicing gratitude has been associated with greater happiness, improved health and a better ability to deal with adversity.

“I take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all staff and students for supporting our Caritas Lenten appeal, wholeheartedly throwing themselves into raising much needed funds for Caritas, for people struggling to overcome poverty and injustice. Putting into action this year’s motto ‘Be More’ Well done to the community for banding together to show that when we join hands, unite and work towards a common goal there is nothing that can get in our way. Thank you also to families who supported their children in this appeal.”