Holy Spirit Catholic College Lakemba is proud to announce the launch of our new and refreshed school website.

Our new website showcases our vision for Holy Spirit Lakemba and all that we offer at our school. There are changes to the design and navigation, and the website is now also mobile friendly. Please have a look around!

The website features a new Parent Information/Campus Life section where you can find term dates, policies and procedures. We also have new sections on Our Parish and Family Support, which may be of use to you.

Holy Spirit Catholic College Lakemba Principals Message

We will continue to communicate updates with you via Compass.

As the website is a fantastic source of information about our school, we invite you to share the link holyspiritlakemba.syd.catholic.edu.au with anyone who is looking to know more about what our wonderful school offers.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Catholic school community!