At Holy Spirit Catholic College Lakemba, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Mr Phillip Scollard
Assistant Principal Mr Michael Lenarduzzi
Religious Education Ms Petah Foran
Leader of Learning – Administration and Vocational Education Ms Joanne Lofts
Leader of Learning – Wellbeing Ms Diana Kalac
Leader of Learning – Curriculum Mr Charles Milazzo
Leader of Learning – Teaching and Learning Mr John English
Instructional Specialist Ms Anne Gleeson
Leader of Learning – Family and Community Relationships Mr Pat English
Year 7 Ms Bianca Perica
Year 8 Mr Sean Devlin
Year 9 Ms Joanne Atallah
Year 10 Mr Richie Berto
Year 11 Mr Stuart Kensitt
Year 12 Mr Roland Mondon
Religious Education Ms Petah Foran
Diverse Learning Ms Joelle Titon
English Ms Velinda Morabito
Maths Ms Rebecca Beeston
Science Ms Sudha Kumar
HSIE Ms Jasmine Porter
Creative Arts Ms Emma Hughes
PDHPE Ms Jan McNairn
Technology and Applied Studies Mr Anthony Mallis
Vocational Education Ms Joanne Lofts
Careers Ms Lisa Royall
Sport Mr Paul Rumore