Staff are encouraged to nurture their own faith and understanding through opportunities such as further study in Religious Education and Theology, prayer and reflection, retreats and pilgrimages and other faith formation activities.

As part of the faith formation at the college, we aim for the overall development of an encounter with God that animates one’s life. We want to assist our staff in becoming constructive and contributing members of any community of which they are a part.

Holy Spirit Catholic College Lakemba Staff Faith FormationOur staff faith formation opportunities include:

  • Communal Prayer, reflection and liturgies 
  • Mass 
  • Staff spirituality days and staff meetings 
  • Outreach, service and advocacy programs 
  • Retreats and pilgrimage
  • Readings (spiritual, Church, biblical)
  • Staff immersion experiences 
  • Conferences, seminars and courses 
  • Lenten Reflection
  • Further study in Religious Education and Theology

These experiences at Holy Spirit Catholic College address the human need to develop a strong sense of identity in the context of belonging and responding to something beyond themselves as individuals. They recognise and respond to the fact that our staff exist in and have to make sense of multiple contexts.